Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meet ToWo and GHS director

JuDitta Ben-David  ג'ודיתה בן דוד

Has over 23 years of psychotherapy practice. A lecturer and facilitator of SE Trauma healing, Group work, Therapeutic relationships, Contemplative psychotherapy,“The Art of Breath", and Expressive therapy in Israel, Greece, Ireland, South Africa and Germany. The founder of MBSE, and GHS. JuDitta has an MA in Movement Therapy and Body Oriented Psychotherapy (Cambridge), & a BA from the Hebrew University in Psychology and Vocal studies. Prior to that she studied at the Ben Gurion U Medicine school. Taught at Medissin, Reedman & more alternative health colleges; Faculty member of Lesley University & Wingate Institute, Israel: Training Integrative Group facilitators, through Mindfulness based Psychotherapy, Mind-Body approaches, Death and Dying from the Buddhist perspective.
 Teaching embodied trauma, trauma and somatization, at Tel Hai College, BA and MA programs/the school of Social Work . Lately teaching Authentic Movement at Mimar Sinan U Istanbul, Mindfulness and Trauma therapy at Safir center Istanbul.

In the USA and Israel, JuDitta co-directed and provided therapy in a women's halfway house; sexual abuse trauma. She has had much experience with emotionally disturbed youth and adults in psychiatric settings, boarding schools, soldiers and families of the defence forces, and with a wide array of clients in her private clinic. She has facilitated community work with young Ethiopian women, and Arabic women in the Galilee.

Over the last years, JuDitta's interest is in Healing Trauma, especially with the Somatic Experiencing technique, and as a founder of the MBSE training. She is an SE practitioner, an Emotional First Aid (SE_EFA) trainer, an assistant to Gina Ross in the Israeli SE training, to Diane Heller Poole (DARe) in Europe, and teaches Mindfulness Based Somatic Experiencing to psychotherapists in Ireland, Germany, Turkey and South Africa. 
As a group facilitator, meditator, and a singer,
 she brings forth a subtle quality of listening to personal voices and pathways, and to the sweet joys of the heart.

JuDittas' curiousity and interest in cultural themes and sensitivities, as well as cross cultural work is lifelong. She has been part of the Akko theater co-existence women group, as a performer, which traveled across the country to various communities, Arabic and Jewish, Religious and Secular, bridging the cultural differences through an interactive piece about the menstrual cycle. A student and avid participator in a cross cultural study group in the western Galillee, using IFS in conflict resolution, and traveled to the US with a mixed cultural women group (druze, jewish, budhhist, christian, muslim).
The CEO of the TDIL 2014 conference: "trauma-mindfulness-body-attachment", and part of a civil group (the Forum) that works toward the equality of health services in the periphery.

JuDitta is a meditator of many years, roots in the Theravada tradition, Zen, Sufi and Tibetian knowledge, a mindfulness instructor at Tovana, and an MBSR trainer (Bangor U). Not ruling out her heart connection with the Judaic tradition, she is now a student of the Diamond Heart/logos school.

Invited as a body-mind therapist on the "once in a lifetime" Israeli TV series, on "Meusharot", and on a Health channel, Teva Hadvarim. Interviewed in "Chaim Acherim" journal, and more.
Has shared her expertise and experience in a few professional conferences, such as the CMRP 2016, or the ESTSS 2015.

JuDitta lives now in Clil, a small ecological village in the Western Galilee hills, Israel.
Her heart is with the generational affects of trauma.
more professional info in Linkedin

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meet our trainers in Galilee Healing Sisterhood GHS

Nidham Haiagny
Is a single mother of two children. She is an Art and home room teacher at the girls' high-school of Tamra, where she resides, and a postgraduate student in Art Therapy. Currently a student of Juditta in Trauma therapy (SE_EFA)
Nadia Giol
Is 43 years old, married and mother of two daughters, Lives in Nazareth Ilit. Her family originally came from "Safuria", today the Tzipori moshav.
Nadia studied special ed, is a therapist and teacher of Reiki, Healing and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) 

Anat Assia
Is 46 years old, Dubbi's partner, has a son and a daughter, lives in the moshav Sharona.
Anat is an artist, and a practitioner and teacher of Chinese medicine and Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

and Juditta Ben-David, our senior trainer for SE_EFA (bio can be read separately here)

Nidham, Anat, Nadia, Juditta
Our delightful trainers in NVC and SE_EFA
for the Galilee Healing Sisterhood

Monday, July 15, 2013

Meet the Summer Intern

Introduction to the Summer Intern

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself: My name is Elissa and I am the ToWo Project's Summer Intern. I am an American student studying Political Science and History at The Ohio State University. I am living in Tel Aviv for the summer, hosted by a program called Israel Onward through Masa. 

I am in charge of grant research, communication, and social media relations for the ToWo project. I am also in the process of creating a short film that we will use to raise grant/fund money. 

I am keeping a small blog about the summer projects so check it out! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Judy Ben-Et

ToWo group resource coordinator

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keren Dunietz 30 years old, born and lives in Israel. Studied music in Thelma Yellin arts school at the jazz department. Performed as a sax player, composer and singer in different ensembles; Buttering trio, and Lo Dubim for ex. Released many CD's and singles. Recieved a BA from Tel Aviv University in Philosophy and Economy.  Full fledged vegetarian, support different animals rights organizations and rehabilitates deserted cats at home. Has experience with group dynamics, SE and group therapy. Growing with a family of three sisters, I understand the importance of womanly support and sharing. This is one of the reasons this project is so appealing to me. Of course traveling to South Africa was a great motivation, as well as meeting people from different cultures while contributing to others and myself.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mindy Levy

Mindy Levy is a homebirth midwife and a midwifery educator from Israel . She worked as a hospital midwife for 9 years in Haifa, left the hospital nearly 3 years ago and has been working independently ever since. She has a Masters Degree in Women's Studies from Lesley University. Mindy teaches midwives, midwifery and nursing students, doulas and childbirth educators. Her special interest is trauma and its effect on women's maternity experiences, a topic that she has researched in the past and continues to investigate today. She is now training to become a Somatic Experience Practitioner.

Mindy is married and has three grown children. Living in the north of Israel, her passions are: dance, music, photography, reading, physiology, women and babies.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rina Papish

Rina is a full fledged documentary film director, married and a mother to two children.

She has a B.A in Communication and Arts “cum Lauda”, Ohio, U.S.A.
Then over the years other various professional courses in Drama directing, History of Art, philosophy, and management. For the last years rina is interested in the technique of Biography-counseling, Four years Seminar for Biography-counselling in Tel Aviv.
Rina's Professional Experience:
Directing, producing, and writing documentaries, reportages and TV programs,
Most documentaries participated in film festivals in Israel and abroad.
1990-2004: Israel's Educational TV - Series creator and chief director.
2004- Present: freelance. 2006- Present: Biography-counseling in "Bet - Noam", hostel for violent men.
Rina has Special interest in understanding the effect of Self-Documentary on Self -Esteem, Motivation, and Emotional well being.,
Production company : Adar Documedia Ltd.